• 【Custom model, price is for reference only】 Advantage: 1. A beam and frame structure is adopted to enhance the strength and stability of high-quality castings. 2. A solid and stable base for high-quality castings. 3. Advanced Canoon brand motor with turbine gearbox; 4. Schneider brand electrical components. 5. A 2.2KW wide-range speed regulator, Jiali worm gear reducer, for more durable transmission. 6. Chain drive, a sturdy square tube frame for heavy glass processing. 7. Diamond wheels and resin wheels use Chinese brand; bottom and corner polishing wheels use imported 10S40, polishing effect can achieve mirror effect. 8. NO.10 and NO.11 can be polished with wool felt wheels using cerium oxide or CE3. 9. This machine can be designed according to customer requirements. 10. In addition to the functions of a regular edge polisher, it can also be electrically adjusted to 60°. 11. Can process beveled edges, multi-sided edges, and flat edges at the same time.
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