• 【Custom model, price is for reference only】 Advantage of enkong xm series: 1. adopt reinforcement design to prevent beam deformation with 15mm steel plate. 2. Disassemble water tank, maintenance friendly 3. Grinding head water tank is stamped and formed, without welding, without cracks, and the surface is smooth. 4. 35mm chain adopted on conveyor pad section 5. Lubrication tube distributes fully on the conveyor system, swaying system and spindles carriage. 6. Encoder and switch located away from the water sources, prolong lifespan. 7. ABB specialize water proof motor 8. auto stirrer equipped with cerium tank 9. 12pcs(6pcs for rough and fine grinding+3pcs for polishing+1pcs for bottom grinding+1pcs for front chamfers+1pcs for rear chamfers)
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