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Good news! Enkongs has added a new patent invention!


Intelligent and Efficient Glass Chamfering Technology

 Moment of Honor

glass chamfering deviceglass processing

Thanks to all the experts for their support and affirmation, and thanks to all the friends who support ENKONGS.We will continue to work hard, explore and innovate constantly, and make greater contributions to the development and application of glass processing technology!

Online Multi-function Chamfer System

glass chamfering device

A glass chamfering device for continuous processing of arc chamfer and its use method".This invention has revolutionary significance in the field of glass processing.

Through in-depth research, our team has successfully developed a glass chamfering device that can continuously process arc chamfer.The device uses advanced mechanical design and intelligent control technology to achieve high precision and high efficiency glass arc chamfering.This innovation not only improves the quality and efficiency of glass processing, but also brings huge commercial value to the glass processing industry.The main features of the device include: 

  First, it can quickly and accurately identify and process the edge of the glass; 

  Second, it adopts advanced motor drive technology to achieve high precision arc chamfering;

  Third, it realizes the automation and intelligence of the processing process through the intelligent control system.

In the development process, we encountered many technical challenges, such as how to improve the accuracy and efficiency of identifying and processing the edge of the glass; how to achieve high precision arc chamfering.Through continuous trial, optimization and innovation, we finally successfully solved these problems and applied for relevant patents. We hope that through this invention, we can promote the technical progress of glass processing industry, and provide better products and services for more industries and enterprises.At the same time, we also hope to inspire more people to pay attention to and participate in the glass processing industry, and jointly promote the development of the industry.