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Function and principle of glass edging machine


  The glass edging machine is a large glass deep processing equipment with modern water, which integrates rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. It is mainly driven by a motor, which is a variable-frequency variable-speed motor, replacing the mechanical stepless transmission used in the past. First of all, the glass is automatically conveyed to the entrance of the clamping mechanism by the conveying mechanism. The clamping mechanism uses a special elastic clamping device to clamp the glass and hold the glass forward; Make the glass go through rough grinding, fine grinding, end grinding and polishing lamp processes respectively to complete all grinding and polishing of the single side of the glass at one time, and then the material receiving mechanism will catch and send it out.


  The grinding of glass itself includes two working stages: rough grinding and fine grinding, which are closely related to the polishing process. Polishing can finally make the grinding surface of products smooth and restore the transparency and brightness of the glass surface. The interaction of the glass surface produces hydrolysis phenomenon and generates a film covering the surface. This film is mainly composed of colloidal silica. The film breaks and exposes the fresh surface due to grinding or polishing. The new surface and water continue to interact to generate a new protective film covering the surface. The above process is repeated until the final grinding and polishing.


  Glass edging machine is one of the earliest and most used mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. The main function is to grind the glass and make some special shapes. The correct and reasonable use of the edging machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also extend the service life of the machine. It is divided into single-arm profiled edging machine, linear edging machine and profiling edging machine.

glass edging machine