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Daily maintenance manual for unilateral machine series


1.Open the water tank cover every day to check if the water pipes are blocked.

2.Before leaving work every day, the machine body needs to be wiped clean, and the interior and surrounding broken glass of the machine should be cleaned. There should be no dust, oil, or impurities left on the machine.

3.Regularly refuel and lubricate the grinding head drag plate pressure hand pump.

4. Check for water and dust on the optical sensor every week and wipe it clean to avoid affecting normal work.

5. Clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet with a gas pipe every month;

6. After a long vacation, it is necessary to turn off the water and start the machine to idle for one hour;

7. Change the cooling water every 48 working hours and clean the glass powder and impurities in the water tank to avoid affecting the polishing quality.

8. Regularly check all oil pumps for oil shortage.

9. After the first 200 hours of operation of the worm speed reducer, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced; Replace every 3000 hours of operation in the future, with the oil level reaching the middle of the oil mirror and not exceeding it.

10. Regular maintenance of bearings for high-speed running components.

11. Oil and maintain the front and rear link plates every  months.

12. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend its service life, good maintenance and upkeep must be carried out.