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Glass Market Morning Paper 08/12/2023


Yesterday, the main glass contract 2405 experienced a significant increase in trading volume, closing at 1995 yuan per ton, representing a gain of 106 yuan per ton or 5.61%. In terms of spot prices, the national average price reached 1973 yuan per ton this week, showing a month-on-month increase of 0.46%.

Supply-wise: According to OILCHAM. NET information data, the output of float glass stood at 1.2079 million tons this week, indicating a slight decrease of 0.12% compared to the previous month. The enterprise starting rate recorded at 82.73%, experiencing a marginal decline of 0.06% on a monthly basis; however, the capacity utilization rate increased by 0.15% month on month and reached an impressive level of 84.02%.

Inventory-wise: The total inventory held by sample enterprises engaged in float glass production in China decreased by as much as 12.79% compared to the previous month and currently stands at approximately 328790 million boxes.

Overall assessment: The glass market is currently being supported by strong end-of-year demand coupled with low overall enterprise inventory levels which have prompted many companies to raise their prices and stimulate downstream procurement enthusiasm.


Currently, we are witnessing high prices and profits along with low inventory levels within the industry due to continuous growth in construction activities driving sustained demand for glass products.

Given that downstream inventory remains low and rigid replenishment demands before consumption's end cannot be excluded, it is expected that glass prices will remain elevated for some time.

Therefore, it is advisable to closely monitor future developments regarding building projects and completion rates.